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Is your computer running slower than it used to?

Over time, malicious programs can rob your computer of its speed. My System Cleaning service can restore your computer to full speed.

System Cleaning Service: $35
Deep Cleaning: $75 (includes re-installation of Windows operating system)

Upgrading your computer but uncertain about installing the hardware? I can do it for you:

Memory Installation: $15
DVD/CD Drive Installation: $25
Hard Drive - Secondary Drive: $25
Hard Drive - Primary Drive: $40
USB 2.0 and Firewire cards: $15
56k Modem: $25

(prices do not include hardware)

Would you like to connect multiple computers on a home network to share printers and your broadband internet connection?

Broadband Router Installation: $35 (includes setup of 2 computers, 1 printer)
Wireless Network Encryption Setup: $15
Network Card Installation: $10
(prices do not include hardware)

For other work not listed above, I charge $35 for up to 1 hour of on-site service and $25 per hour for each additional hour.